Holy Week – really a parallel  of our lives.  In each event we celebrate during Holy Week, we mirror our journeys, our ups and downs, our silent waiting. 

Palm Sunday.  Haven’t we all had a Palm Sunday?  A day when we were on top of the world.  Finally, people understood us, they appreciated our efforts, they loved us, and we were one with those around us.  We rejoiced together and everything looked as though we had finally ‘made it’.

Holy Thursday.  I sit with my family or friends.  It is good, but I feel as though things are beginning to unravel.  There is something looming.  Perhaps if I give of myself a little more, I can prevent this.  I don’t want the ‘Palm Sunday feeling’ to end.  I pray.  I sit alone with my Father and pray….Please Lord, spare me from this, take this cup away.

Good Friday.  Everything crashes around me.  In a few short days I went from the top of the world to the depths of despair.  How did this happen?  I’m alone, I feel abandoned.  Where are my friends?  Where is my family?  Where is my Father?  I’m alone and the life drains from me.

Holy Saturday.  Nothing.  Nothing but silence.  Silent waiting.  Is this it?  Will I ever feel alive again?  This waiting is killing me.

Easter.  I live again.  My life takes on new meaning.  The sun shines and I see again.  Everything takes on new shape, new color, new life.  I emerge from the darkness and walk in the light.  The wait is over, I leave behind the old and embrace my Easter. My past experiences have led me to life, new life. 

As we enter Holy Week, let us walk with Jesus every step of the way.  Let us give ourselves to Him completely and allow Him to accompany us on our journeys as we accompany Him.  Let us bow to His majesty on Palm Sunday and dine with Him on Holy Thursday.  Let us receive the Body and Blood that He gives us, the Lamb that offers us freedom, as it did at the first Passover Meal.  Let us enter the Garden with Him and sit with Him while He prays.  Let us be the ones who don’t fall asleep, but who stay till the end.  Let us walk with him to Calvary.  Let us bear our crosses alongside of His. 

And, let us rise to new life on Easter…..never the same again, because we have come to know and love Him.  Let us unite our new life with His.  Let us glow with the glory of the Resurrection.