Butterflies, mosquitoes and ticks

I am blessed to have butterfly friends in my life.  They bring beauty to all those around them.  You can’t help to notice when they are fluttering around because they are graceful (grace-filled), light and ethereal.  It’s a pleasure to sit with them, if even for a few moments.  When they leave, I always feel better because of the minutes shared.

I also have some mosquitoes in my life.  They are the ones who sting a bit.  Their presence is not always welcomed and sometimes they may say something that is totally untrue, but it still hurts.  And, there are also times when they say something that is true….and that stings as well.  These are the people who, after they leave, I breathe a sign of relief.  But then, the word or comment stays with me for a while, like the itch that is the result of the mosquito bite.

And then there are the tick-people.  These are the ones that suck the very life from me.  They attach and won’t seem to let go.  They bring me down with their energy zapping abilities.  They are toxic to me.  Those ticks bring nothing good into my life.

Today I will look for the butterflies……

And, I must ask myself…..which one am I????

13 thoughts on “Butterflies, mosquitoes and ticks

  1. Andie,
    This is such a brilliant post. I love the analogies. Very insightful. I like the last question: “Which one am I?” Something to meditate on today.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’re enjoying the mini-stories 🙂


  2. I was really curious when I first read the title of this post to see what it would be about…and wow, it is amazing. So true… I am thankful for the butterflies in my life and will be more conscious that I don’t act like a mosquito! hehe. Thought-provoking last question.

  3. A rolled-up newspaper soon sorts out mosquitoes, and I’m sure there’s a powder or spray to deal with ticks.

    I don’t mind butterflies, although I find them somewhat flighty with little depth or insight.

    I prefer bees. They may sting but you can always benefit from their industrious lifestyle.

    I think I’m a bumblebee because I can still fly despite my weight!

    1. Oh Victor, I love your sense of humor. You are a bee because you are always buzzing with great wisdom and your sweet ‘honey’ nourishes us all.

  4. I just have one question…how do you think of these things! People as bugs, it’s so true!…now I am thinking of some. How about a slug. My Mom said she was trying to get rid of one the other day and the residue from one slug got everywhere! She said she’d never do that again! Lori 🙂

  5. Oh Lori, you wouldn’t want to see what is in my head! Hum…slugs, didn’t think of them. Well, at least they don’t bite…but they are really yucky – I guess those are the friends that are hameless but they never seem to leave, how’s that?

  6. Very good question, Andie.
    I’d have to ask the people in my life.

    What do you think of dragonflies?

    Thank you, this has been such a good reflection.

  7. Ah, good question. Problem is we don’t often know how others perceive us. And they are often reluctant to tell us. But the Holy Spirit is not reluctant. Ask Him and He will show us.

  8. Butterflies are my talisman in life; they hold great significance for me as I have begun recovering from a serious family betrayal.

    In their life-cycle they represent the Trinity – from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

  9. Oh, this is wonderful! What insight God gives you, Andie ! I will never look at these three little creatures the same! And you really gave me something to think about: which one am I . . .

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