I have no idea why, but the old expression ‘mind your p’s and q’s’ came to mind this morning.  I looked up the origin of this phrase and found that there are several different possible explanations.  One has to do with printing.  Since each letter was chosen individually, it was easy to confuse a p with a q because basically they are mirror images of each other.  Another had to do with pints and quarts and bars, need I say more?  And a few more were listed.

Whichever you may think is correct, there is a life lesson to be gleaned.  In the first, pay attention to the details.  Don’t get so caught up in the motion that you lose sight of the motive.  Great lenten reminder – remember the reason behind the lenten promise.  It’s not to award yourself the ‘I did it’ prize on Easter morning, it’s more like the ‘Can you help me, can we do this together?’ invitation that God so desires.

And, for the pints and quarts theory – well, sometimes, less is really more.  It’s the little gestures, the moments when we turn to God throughout our day that are so important.  Sitting in prayer is necessary but if that is the only time when we think of God, then we are missing him in the many times he comes to us throughout our days.    His ever present presence.

Today I woke with the expression….’mind your p’s and q’s.  Isn’t it amazing that everything can have spiritual connotations?