“The Tree That Survived the Winter” is a beautiful adult fable written by Mary Fahy.  It reads like a children’s book, but it is no children’s book.  It is a story about a tree that survived a harsh winter and then discovered her new growth in the spring.  As she celebrates and re-discovers  herself, people come and visit her.  As they depart, they each give her a name, one calls her ‘keeper of secrets’ another ‘hope’.  Throughout the book she converses with the Sun who watched her during her difficult times and rejoiced with her in her ‘newness’.  At the end of the book the Sun asks if she wants to know what the Sun has named her…..I’ll leave it at that.

What is it that you would like your name to be?  Friend?  Trustworthy? Empathetic? Lover? Joy-filled? Patient? Kind? Faithful?

When we meet the Sun (Son) face-to-face, and he asks, “Do you know what the name I have for you is?” – what will the answer be?

What is your name?