What is your name?

10 thoughts on “What is your name?”

  1. I’d love to find that story and read the ending! Many years ago in my junior English class we had to write an autobiography. I ended it with the words: “I want to hear Him say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant,’ ” and that’s still my wish! It will be rewarding and interesting to learn of the fond descriptions He’s used for us, since each of us is loved with an immeasurable love.

    1. Yes Glenda, and I’ll bet that they are much kinder and more gentle than the names that we give ourselves. It’s a beautiful book, I would encourage you to get it,,,it’s well worth it. I’m thinking of reading it to parents of second graders this Sat. I still need to pray about whether or not it’s the right decision. They will either love it or think that I am nuts (well, some probably do already).

  2. ‘Coeur de bure,’ this is the name that was given to me many moons ago in an ‘encounter’ with Jesus. ‘Bure’ is the cloth used to make a monk’s habit (heart of frieze?).
    I forgot this name for several decades and remembered it not long ago while praying my Laywoman’s vows.
    I feel happy everytime I remember it 🙂
    Thank you for bringing it back to me today.

  3. A wise old nun told me in college a long time ago, that to her, I was a golden retriever that slobbered love all over people —

    Maybe the Sun will think that I’m just a dog that finds it joyful slobbering love over all who will accept it.

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