We always hear (and know) that Jesus was a ‘man like us in all things but sin’.  Sometimes I think that we hear this so often that it becomes familiar and we seldom think about it and all that it implies. 

A man (person) like us….think about it.  This Jesus experienced everything that we do throughout our lives.  Everything!  This means, of course, that he felt lonliness, fear, grief, joy, love.  But it also means that he felt doubt, that he was confused, that he fell in love, that he fell ‘out’ of love, that he wanted to quit, and that he felt jealous and proud.  Every single thing that we have felt, that anyone has ever felt, he experienced.  That is what we belive.  Or else, how could it be said that he was like us in every way.  Every way but sin…so, what did he do with these emotions and feelings?  Well, if we believe that sin is separation from God, then he was able to experience these feelings, put them in perspective and not allow them to create any distance from his Father. 

It’s not the ‘feeling’ that gets us into trouble.  It is what we do with it.  Do we welcome it and then get beyond it by giving it to God, or do we let it begin a downward spiral into ourselves?  Do we then build that protective shell and keep God out?  Do we let it become yet another layer of our false self? 

A man like us…..in all things….. united with Our Father………