A Great Movie

This past Saturday I saw a wonderful movie, ‘Of Gods and Men’.  It’s a true story about a handful of Trappist Monks in Algeria in the mid-90’s.  You may remember that they were taken hostage and killed, a very sad ending (not graphically depicted in the movie) to a beautiful love story between these monks and the poor village where they lived and serviced the people.  It was an amazing movie which gave us a glimpse inside the monastic community and the humanity of eight men.  I think the part that I liked the best was watching the transformations that occurred as they lived with the decision as to whether to stay or leave.  Tough choices. 

In the movie we see…..prayer, doubts, questions, certainties, uncertainties, trust, faith, anguish.  You see real life and real emotions all lived behind the walls of the cloister.

A great movie on so many levels…..a story of friendship, of community, of commitment, and of love. 

Highly recommended!

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