Things to do today

Today I promise to:

Smile often

Speak a kind word or two of encouragement – to another soul…to my own

Admire something beautiful, something not store-bought

Listen to another’s story

Take more deep breaths

Look at the sky

Walk a little slower

Watch a child (or two)

Pet a ‘pet’

Listen to a swaying tree or a chirping bird

Experience a moment or two of true inner peace

Look beneath the surface of a difficult person (or situation)

Say ‘Thank You’Β  to the One who dwells within.Β  Close my eyes and say a very slow ‘Thank You,’ and mean it with every fiber of my being.

It’s going to be a good day – a true Sabbath

10 thoughts on “Things to do today

  1. What a beautiful reflection. I am going to print this out and refer to it throughout the week as a reminder! Thank you for starting this new week (the 3rd week of Lent) on a peaceful and thoughtful start.

    Peace and all Good Things to You.

  2. look beneath the surface of a difficult situation and not letting myself be tempted by despair…

    Thank you Andie. And all the happy thoughts who went before and after, of course!

  3. Andie,
    Such a beautiful list of love-filled simplicity….all expressing her love. I thank Godde for your willingness to share your love and wisdom with all of us. Hugs filled with peace, jer…

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