Have you ever known someone who seems to dance through life?  These people aren’t always the richest, the prettiest, or the most famous,  they simply are those who have learned to dance….dance to the rhythm of life.  They awake each morning to the sound of a new day being born.  Throughout their day they are able to avoid falling into the pits of the everyday things that bring you down, because they are too busy dancing.   And, at evening time, they rest with a deep and peaceful sleep because they spent their day dancing. 

You may not see them twilling around the office or leaping through the mall, but they always seem to have that ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ because they feel the rhythm and their hearts dance.  These people are filled with joy. When you speak with them they don’t offer platitudes, they speak of real life.  They have experienced sorrowful times and mountaintop times.  They have cried and they have laughed.  They have lived.  And, they have danced, and continue to dance. 

Today I am going to dance.  I am going to join those who dance to life, dance with life and dance through life.  Care to join me in the dance?