As I stepped outside to beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures, I found it difficult to remember that just a few short weeks ago we were battling snowstorm after snowstorm here in the northeast.  “Not another storm,”  “When will winter be over?”  “We can’t possible have more snow”  were the mantras heard throughout winter this year.   Snow and more snow, tunnels plowed in our driveways, piles of snow 10 feet high, and buried mailboxes were common scenes.  Ugh!

And now, spring arrives, as it always does.  And with it, the birds sing a different song, the dirt moves aside for the bulbs to start peeping through, and the air takes on the fragrance of new life.  The cold grey winter gently steps aside as we welcome the light and warmth of spring.  And winter slowly becomes a distant memory.

Lessons to learn….

I pray that I might be able to forget my past hurts and sufferings as easily as I forget the snow of weeks ago.  I pray that I may gently move forward to new life.  And, I pray that when the time is right, that I may gently let go and welcome a new season.