Lighten Up for Lent

One week in… are you feeling? 

Have I taken on too much?  Feeling down and overwhelmed, burdended and heavy?  Am I beating myself up because I’ve already broken lenten promises?  Well, lighten up!

Just as the lenten season corresponds with longer, lighter days, perhaps we should take a day or two for some old fashioned fun and joy.  After all, Jesus did all he did because he loves us…now, isn’t that something to celebrate about?

About a week ago we brought in a fabulous speaker for our 8th graders.  This man kept their attention (and that’s putting it mildly, he had them – and not in a manipulative way) for four hours straight.  At one point during the evening, as a little break, he had them stand and play Simon Says.  Can you imagine a gym filled with 70 + teens playing goofy Simon Says?  One would think that they are way too cool for that….and yet…there they were, all playing, all laughing, all having a great time.

When was the last time that you did something goofy?  Think about it, we are all so mature, guarding our precious time so carefully.  We are serious and grown-up.  We have our tasks, our responsibilities, our duties, our work….and yet, ‘unless you become like little children..’

This lent, celebrate Jesus.  He did it all for you because he loves you with a love that is unconditional and eternal.  He wants you to be a joy-filled disciple.  No room for sour-faced saints (thanks St. Teresa). 

Simon Says ——-Lighten Up!!!

17 thoughts on “Lighten Up for Lent

  1. Thank you for this, Andie. I have been very hard on myself…while I’ve kept my Lenten promise of a fast from checking my email more than the set times I’ve decided so far, I keep constantly chiding myself for saying the ‘wrong things’ and almost want to be entirely silent. This post helped me to lighten up this dark and rainy morning. 🙂

  2. Cute! I like Simon’s directive here, and will definitely use variations of it in the coming days … Simon says – Smile! Or Simon says – Enjoy! It brings an instant smile, doesn’t it. Thanks, Andie.

  3. Oh, my goodness, thank you. I had this very talk with my sons yesterday. One was chastising the other for not “giving up enough”. I cringed. But I need to take this to heart for myself as well.

    Maybe we’ll get a good game of Simon says going tonight :). That might help.

  4. Nice – very nice and well timed for me. I had probably taken on too much, but that is another story for another day. One of my things was to give up coffee but I had to give in and have some today. Everyone in the parish office where I work (try breaking Lenten promises at church!) was encouraging.

    It is hard to lighten up, isn’t it?

    There is a difference between lightening up and rationalizing, but right now I will stick with the lightening up and hope that all will be well.

    1. Yes Fran, it is hard. So you had coffee…oh well, hope it tasted good, tomorrow’s another day. Glad the people you work with were kind – now, be kind to yourself!

  5. The abundant life is ours, isn’t it . . . and that means we can enjoy living. Balance is the key, but that is sometimes hard place for some of us to find! “To everything there is a season. . . “

  6. Like a breath of fresh Holy Spirit air…..I am afraid I am always doing something goofy. I believe in not growing up and singing silly songs, and just generally being silly 🙂

    Somebody taught me this…..Lori

  7. There is very little evidence of sufferance in Jesus’ life -no matter that he was the poor peasant with the gold tongue. The love of life is important – do not dress in ashes when you fast. Life is too good, even in the struggles, enjoy.

  8. Thank you so much for this! I am sitting here this morning being upset with myself because I broke the promise of having sweets. I had a cupcake with my son on his birthday (this one not so bad), however, licking the spoon when making new batches for his party and eating icing, oh boy. Then as if I could not go further, I was having some negative conversation last evening over dinner with friends. I need to zipper my mouth. Now here I sit praying for forgiveness. Thanks much for getting me through. I still plan on some much needed confession sometime this week.

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