What could possibly be wrong with taking a bite from an apple?  After all, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ right.  Think about a shiny, juicy, crisp perfectly shaped red, red apple.  It feels so smooth, wonderfully formed, fitting so well into the palm of my hand.  What about the sound of the crunch when you first bite into it?  That sound as you take your first bite.  And once that skin is broken, the sweet smell that fills your nose, the smell of freshness, the smell of apple, no candle of spray can even come close.  And finally, the taste, the juciness of that fruit, almost too much to stay contained in your mouth, sometimes the sweet juices escape and run down your chin. 

A healthy apple…what could possibly be wrong with eating an apple?

Nothing…..unless….your God told you not to eat that apple.  My God, a God that I can’t see, feel, smell, taste or touch.  An invisible, silent God…hmmm….a God that I can’t experience with my five senses. 

An interesting comparison, isn’t it?  Our senses are a gift from this invisible God.  They help us to experience this beautiful world, also a gift from God.  But, sometimes these senses can get us into trouble.  Our senses can allure us and tempt us in the strongest ways. 

I see it….I want it!

It is always better to trust that invisible God than to trust ourselves.  Temptation = is it really that bad (= doubt)? 

A shiny apple vs. an invisible God……you decide.

(Nowhere in Scripture does it specifically mention an apple, but the apple has been suggested as the fruit eaten in the Garden of Eden)