And it begins….

Ash Wednesday…lent…’s here. 

Once again, as with everything else, we have a choice.  Are we ‘giving something up,’ taking something on?’  Are we going to walk through lent or are we going to ignore these forty days and just keep our eyes on Easter?  Are we going to give up after a few days?  Are we going to feel smug if we make it all the way to Easter? 

Are we going to do the lenten-work or are we going to let God work on us?  If we do the work for the prize at the end then it’s all about us, ego and pride.  If we do the sacrifice (work) and the result is humility and an emptying, then we are preparing ourselves for God’s work, for the transformation that God so desires for us. 

Our lenten sacrifices should not result in a gold medal or a gold crown.  The only crown ever worn was one of thorns.  

And it begins…forty days of venturing into the inner-desert.  Forty days of sacrifice, forty days of prayer, forty days of reflection……forty days of love.

8 thoughts on “And it begins….

  1. I am really trying to enter this Lent letting God do all the work… which is how it happens. All I can do is cooperate with grace.

    That sounds awfully easy, but for a bossy and controlling person like me, not so much.


    God, my heart is ready.

  2. I am giving my heart to God today and am praying for it to be made pure. Sacrifice, for the right reasons, is a sign of true love.

  3. Hi Andie,

    I was talking to my son about lent today. You hear about so many people giving up meat, candy, and other types of foods. But you have to wonder, are they giving up food just because everyone else is doing it? Because they’re supposed to? Out of tradition? Or, are they really spending time with the Lord to seek His face and His will for their lives? For the Lord to change them from the inside out?


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