Lent- Desert or Mountaintop

8 thoughts on “Lent- Desert or Mountaintop”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Lent is a time to grow closer with God and strengthen that relationship, which involves sacrifice sometimes, but not sacrifice just for the sake of sacrifice. I think that can become prideful. It should be about God.
    May you feel that Jesus is always with you, whether it is a desert or mountaintop experience. 🙂

  2. We Carmelites think of the spiritual journey as an ascent up the mountain. The question is are we going straight up or meandering in a circuitous pattern? Straight up is the ideal.

    1. Love Carmelite spirituality. I’ll be happy just to get up there…sometimes there are straight paths, but some are circuitous…and sometimes, I slip back a few steps.

  3. Lent, to me, can seem like a time of clarity, when we consider the very basic of thoughts and feelings along our journey. I can consider Lent almost like a long walk, filled with contemplation and observation as we go.

  4. Being a celt I tend to take the circular route. We set up a labyrinth in our church for the Lenten journey – only small but an eight foot radius gives a walk of over a hundred feet – quite unnatural and definitely unworldly. We may feel that we are often going the wrong way yet somehow you are drawn into the heart of God. And a journey with that many turns and twists has joys and sadness – and we learn a lesson from every one.
    Blessed journeying

    1. Yes Word, the labyrinth teaches us so much! I really think you have to experience it to truly appreciate it. It’s a living experience.

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