Too much Martha….not enough Mary

This is going to be one crazy week.  So much going on, from work to home, there is not going to be much time leftover.  Things to do, plans to make, driving and more driving, demands both physical, emotional, and, of course with the beginning of lent, spiritual.  It causes me to wake in the night and stress.

I think of what comforts me, Julian of Norwich – ‘All will be well, all will be well’ and I do believe it, but…….   There always seems to be a ‘but’ in these stressful times. 

Last night, during my sleepless hours, I began to think of our dear friends, Martha and Mary.  In prayer I realized that this ‘unrest’ is partly due to the fact that this is one of those ‘Martha’ weeks and I am really more of a ‘Mary’ personality.  And so, I placed myself at His feet and became ‘Mary’ for a few minutes.  It was exactly what I needed and that peace invited sleep to come.  I’ve had a trip planned to visit an Abbey on Thursday, try to do that several times a year.  It’s really a wonderful ‘time away’ for me.  In the midst of my anxiety last night I decided to postpone it.  Just too much other stuff going on.  But (here’s that ‘but’ again, but this time it’s a good ‘but’), after my ‘Mary’ moments, I decided that I needed to go.  It’s entirely a me-day, but the fruits received will benefit others around me as well.

So, this will be a ‘Martha’ week, I can’t control that, but with God’s help, I will be a ‘Mary’ person.  Things will get done, the time will pass, the week will be over and ‘all will be well’, if I stay as a ‘Mary’.  Please pray for me!

9 thoughts on “Too much Martha….not enough Mary

  1. Oh, I certainly will, Andie. You’re helping me realize that I too am presented with Martha days when something in me longs for Mary times. All I can do at this time is offer Godde these Martha weeks ahead of me, knowing that Jesus comes to me in them as much as when I sit at his feet
    How much your post is helping me today and for the days to come! Thank you!

  2. The troulbe with being Martha’ly involved in the church means that we (i) spend most of my time suggesting that people become Mary and not doing it myself. I guess we have to believe that there is a time for everything and maybe even Martha will get to sit down with Mary.
    Blessings m+

  3. Bless You Andie, I pray you are able to keep a soft God centred heart amongst all the busy-ness. May you be able to find the green pastures to lay down in.

  4. Sitting at His feet at Mary did always brings clarity and perspective. Reminds me of the old hymn “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus.” I’m so thankful He loves us – whether we’re a Mary or a Martha, and He longs to teach us both in the still moments and in the busiest of times. However, we are blessed when we make time to “be still and know that He is God.”

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