New Twist on an Old Story

6 thoughts on “New Twist on an Old Story”

  1. Sometimes that’s all it takes, a little bit of thought to take aim with our perspective and feelings, and before you know it … bulls-eye! The giant’s down. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Andie: I just lost two comments because I my mind is really wandering right now. I am thinking of the GIANT in my life right now. I am now going to thank God for all the stones He has placed in my pouch! I love how you put a whole new spin on this verse that I had never thought of….That’s the Holy Spirit! Lori

  3. Andie, this week I am slaying a giant that has been plaguing my life for more than a year simply because I was too stubborn to pick up the stone I knew I needed. It feels good slipping that stone into the sling and letting it fly!

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