We all know the story of little David who defeated the giant Goliath.    A slingshot, a single stone and ‘whack’, the giant falls.  I think that everyone must have been surprised at that sight, probably even little ‘Davie’.  It’s a great story about trust, the power of God, etc.  But, with all of the stories in the Bible, how does this apply to my life?

We all face ‘giants’.  What is it that is the giant in your life right now?  We all have them and sometimes, when we ignore them they actually grow.  Is it a job, a spouse, a friend, a parent?  Is it fear, anxiety, worry, illness?  What is your giant?  Think about it, pray about it and then face it.

Select your stones……David had five of them.  What are the stones that you can use to defeat your giant?  Perhap one of your stones is prayer, maybe you have a great friend who is a wonderful support for you.  Some may have a special place to go to where you can be alone to face your giant.  Some may use the Bible as a stone, spiritual reading or a spiritual mentor.  What stones do you use to defeat your giant?

And then, hold onto that stone and use it…..one shot…..and watch your giant fall.