Rampant Relativism

11 thoughts on “Rampant Relativism”

  1. Exactly, Andie! I am so glad you posted this. Many Christians are afraid to speak the truth, but you do so in a respectful way. Good for you 🙂

  2. Hand in hand with relativism is the rejection of authority outside oneself. God is the ultimate Authority. He is the author of everything.

  3. We are in the midst of postmodernism with all of its focus on the individual, so relativism is present.

    The problem, which is significant, gets turned on its ear due to authortarianism… another issue and not the appropriate position to refute relativism from.

    It is complicated and means going deeper, probably going quieter too.

  4. And following that same thought, how many people think something is all right to do, just because “everyone else is doing it.” I wonder if on some level, in instances you mention, the individual knows of course what is wrong, but finds the excuse to justify it easier than changing a behavior.

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