Why we don’t need to exercise….

6 thoughts on “Why we don’t need to exercise….”

  1. I’m a walker, walking anywhere and everywhere I can. I’ve always found that it is so much more than just exercise, as I connect with who I’m walking with, with words. I connect with nature and contemplation and reflection. So I guess it’s a true exercise of mind and body …

    1. Sounds wonderful Joanne, a true ‘multi-tasker’ with your walks. I love to take my dog on walks, he just loves them, for him they are so much more than exercise.

  2. Andie: I used to be a compulsive exercise person, I worked every day except Sunday sometimes for 2 hours at a time! I don’t know what happened, I am still in shape but I find I have to really force myself to get out there. There is something very unnatural about “planned” exercise. Used to, we would just walk to the store, walk around town, plow the field or week the garden and that was enough! I think we need to get to exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise!

    1. I agree Lori. I love to dance and it never felt like work to me. These days I would just look goofy, so maybe when I’m alone…..I’ll try it again.

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