I met with my Spiritual Director yesterday afternoon and in the course of our conversation she spoke of leisure time.  She defined it this way, ‘leisure time is giving time to what takes time.’  I immediately liked the sound of that but, to be totally honest, wasn’t sure what it meant.  I danced around it for a bit and then admitted that I needed some clarification.  Her response was, ‘if you are going to have a cup of tea, make it a really good cup of tea’.  Suddenly the scales fell from my eyes.  Leisure time is more than simply unscheduled time, or at least it should be, because it is such a rarity in our culture.  I think that if we find that we have some ‘leisure time’ in our day, we should make the most of it, celebrate it, use it wisely, and live in it. 

‘Giving time to what takes time’, I’m still not sure I understand the many layers of that definition, but I am sure that I will be brewing a cup of tea at some point today.