The most beautiful view….

The most beautiful view in the world is the one I share with you.

Source: unknown

I love that little quote, there is so much to it.  Sharing moments with loved ones, looking out at horizen of hopes and dreams and promises with another can sometimes make all the difference.  There are times when solitude calls, but having someone to laugh with, cry with, plan with and share your life with is a gift.  It doesn’t matter how we label that person, a spouse, a friend, a child, your ‘soulmate’, it’s just nice, sometimes, at the end of the day to sit with someone with whom you can enjoy the beautiful view.  Do you have that someone in your life?

Allow me to add one word to that beautiful quote:  ‘The most beautiful view in the world is the one I share with you…God’.  Now, to answer that question, ‘Yes, we all have that someone in our lives!’  When we share that beautiful view with God, we see through his eyes.  We see others as he does, with love and compassion, straight into their hearts.  We see the world through the eyes of Resurrection, we see ourselves as created in his image and likeness, and we see time melt away into the promise of eternity.  Yes, I do believe that we see the most beautiful views.  ‘The most beautiful views in the world are the ones that my Creator and I see and share together.’




22 thoughts on “The most beautiful view….

  1. This is lovely and true! With the Holy Spirit within us, we possess this ability to see others the way God sees them. It requires patience and practice. To see ourselves the way God sees us is a beautiful start.

  2. How true, Andie.

    I have found myself lately asking more often, when in doubt, “how would God want me to do, or to answer, or to understand, or to decide on this matter?”

    Great post.

    Have a blessed day!


  3. There are a few people who are there at the end of each of my days. It’s a great comfort knowing this, and I hope I’m there as much for them, too.

  4. Andie, what a beautiful quote and it’s a pity the author is unknown whuch gets me to thinking how the author of our lives is God, who is also unknown or not understood much of the time.
    I pray for all of us today to just sit and try and view along with God. Richard Rohr speaks of seeing with the third eye in a piece recently at the Huffington post and that ties in nicely with your lovely post
    Happy Valentines Day Andie !

  5. This is a great post and a good reminder of the number of people who live alone, especially the elderly, and have no one to share “the view” with.

    Near me there are at least five elderly ladies living in their homes alone with no visitors from day to day.

    I remember reading a story about an elderly lady who takes the bus once a week to go to town and back again. She never gets off the bus in town … she goes out just to see and meet other people on the bus.

    I know an elderly lady who keeps the radio or TV on all day just to hear someone talk. At night she sleeps with the lights on in the house.

    God bless you Andie for this reminder.

  6. Andie, I very much like your reflection. I come back from a retreat where indeed I looked at my life through Godde’s eyes. They make quite a difference 🙂


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