There are knotholes in my planks

 “…first take the plank out of your eye,

and then you will see clearly to

remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”    

 Luke 7:47-48

     I’m the first to admit that I have planks in my eyes while others have  specks, and yet, I’m still able to find knotholes through which I look at others.    It is so easy to find the faults in others.  ‘Why does she do that?’  ‘How could he do that?’  How many times in my day do I ask myself questions such as these?  

I think it’s time to begin to plug-up the knotholes and then

start working on removing the planks.   

13 thoughts on “There are knotholes in my planks

  1. And it would seem that looking through the knotholes would have a way of distorting our vision, not allowing us to see clearly through. I like your idea of removing the planks completely and removing all obstacles to our vision.

  2. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I love what you have to say about planks. I’ve got my own, and now that you mention it I have knotholes too. Something to work on for sure!

  3. Andie, your posts are always so inspirational, thanks. 🙂 I agree that removing planks first is always best, in order to see the other a little more clearly and mercifully. God is patient with us and our mistakes, so it is good for us to be tolerant of others. I believe this should be done with boundaries, without making excuses for sins or allowing others to hurt us.

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