There are knotholes in my planks

13 thoughts on “There are knotholes in my planks”

  1. And it would seem that looking through the knotholes would have a way of distorting our vision, not allowing us to see clearly through. I like your idea of removing the planks completely and removing all obstacles to our vision.

  2. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I love what you have to say about planks. I’ve got my own, and now that you mention it I have knotholes too. Something to work on for sure!

  3. Andie, your posts are always so inspirational, thanks. 🙂 I agree that removing planks first is always best, in order to see the other a little more clearly and mercifully. God is patient with us and our mistakes, so it is good for us to be tolerant of others. I believe this should be done with boundaries, without making excuses for sins or allowing others to hurt us.

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