What are you wearing?

I always get such a kick out of the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Hans Christian Andersen.  Imagine, no one would admit that they saw no clothes upon the weaving loom (or the emperor) for fear that they might be ‘stupid’ or unfit for their job.  And so they all carried on this silly charade, praising and admiring these beautiful colors, textures and fabrics that were, of course, non-existent.  Such an amusing story, such a poignant story.  Think of the foolishness of that town.  No one would say anything because imposters had convinced them that something imaginary was real. They didn’t want to admit what their eyes actually saw because they didn’t want to appear stupid.  Until, of course, a child, in innocence, was not afraid to tell the truth.

Have you ever met someone like the emperor?  I certainly have.  There have been times when I have thought to myself, ‘doesn’t he/she see that they are not wearing the clothes they think that they are?’  ‘Can’t anyone tell them that they are naked?’  ‘Do I have the courage?’

How about the times that I have worn the ’emperor’s clothes’.  Perhaps it’s a good thing, from time to time, to look in the mirror and see ‘what we are wearing.’  And when in doubt….always ask a child.

picture: EwanD (blogs.technet.com)

19 thoughts on “What are you wearing?

  1. I have seen the emperor many times – in government, in school, in the corporate world, in Church… and in myself. That’s the reminder, isn’t it?

    Thanks for this thought provoking morning… Your blog is really a gift and can provide the kind of mirror we erstwhile emperors truly need!

  2. Aren’t those the best stories, the classic ones with timeless messages that are ever true. To be aware and comfortable with the way we come across to others is the best wardrobe accessory!

    1. They are the classic for a reason. I love your statement about our best wardrobe accesories. To be aware and comfortable…now that’s something to strive for.

  3. Here in secular UK it is quite fashionable for celebrities and famous people to say on TV that they do not believe in God, and somewhat innocently mock those who do believe.

    They are seldom challenged, either on TV, or by Christians writing in to the TV company or the celebrity in question.

    Christians seem too shy to see this particular emperor in our society and challenge it for what it is – an ever increasing anti-God message permeating our schools, government, families and society in general.

    It is now trendy to believe there is no God.

    God bless.

    1. Not only in the UK, Victor. It’s sad, really…trendy to believe there is no God. The Old Testament is filled with stories about people who turned away from God.

  4. Heya beautiful lady!
    My 10yo lad is my fashion guru… tells me well whether I look rediculous or not LOL
    And yes more often than not, a stroll down the mall can be a really bad sight for sore eyes! sometimes its what people are wearing… and others its what they are not!… like a lady I saw from a distant that I soooo wanted to go and put a sheet around her midriff… size 10 hipster jeans on a size 16 body was not a good look… I felt very sorry for her, but alas didnt pluck up the courage to say anything. :O(

      1. Hi Andie, yes… Im sorta back… been busy and uni hasnt even begun :O) I have to come on here for some r and r and catchup on some old friends. I love reading your posts, you have a way with words! xo

  5. Somehow I can’t help but make the association to some of the political leaders in office today. No one has the guts to tell the emperor and his attendees they haven’t any clothes.

  6. My son Rowan loves this book, but I have to say, I haven’t ever given it much thought as I’ve read it to him, at least as you’ve done here, Andie. Next time he pulls it off the shelf, I will surely read it with a new perspective. Thanks, Andie!

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