“Be who you are

and say what you feel

because those who mind don’t matter

and those who matter don’t mind”          Dr. Seuss

“Be who you are.”  Sometimes that is so difficult.  In a world that has rubrics for everything.  You must look, act, dress a certain way.  “Be who you are,” Jesus was.

“Say what you feel.”  I don’t think that Dr. Seuss is giving permission to be unkind, crude or rude, I think that he was saying that you are important and so are your feelings and sometimes you need to express yourself.  The truth, always the truth.  “Say what you feel,”  Jesus did.

“Those who mind don’t matter.”  People who don’t allow you to be who you are or to say what you feel can be oppressive.  We cannot let the bullies stop us from being the unique children of God that he created us to be.  “Those who mind don’t matter,”  Jesus did not allow those who disagreed with him stop him from following his Father’s will even if it meant his own death.

“Those who matter don’t mind.”  How blessed are we when we have people in our lives who love and accept us as we are.  Truly a gift from above.  How free it is to truly be yourself, to recognize the gift of being you.  “Those who matter don’t mind,”  we all matter to Jesus and slowly we come to know who he is and what he has done for us.

Thank you Dr. Seuss