Sometimes I think that we get too hung up on numbers.  I was going to name this post, “Are numbers really our friends?” but I thought that sounded a bit too Sesame Street-ish.  And so, I simply called it ‘Numbers’.  Now for those who think that it is going to be a commentary on the Book of Numbers, sorry to disappoint, I’m not that deep.  No, it is more of a simple, fleeting, silly thought.

I had not posted for a week, partly because I was sick, busy…and a bit lazy!  When I finally did yesterday, I noticed that there were soooooo many blogs that I read that I was behind on, a large number and, from the stats on my post, there weren’t too many views.  That ‘number’ began to get me down and began a spiral…

Numbers.  My age is a number.  I don’t need a number to let me know that I am aging, my body screams that at me each day with a new ache or pain.  And my age in numbers inhibits me sometimes.  Maybe I want to run through a sprinkler (first thought that came to mind as I sit in CT buried in snow and ice), or sing a song out loud (maybe even a rap song), but I am quickly reminded to ‘act my age’ by my internal voice.  Numbers can sometimes lead to comparisons, odious.  It is only natural that a larger number may mean more, better, best, and a smaller one can be ‘not enough’. 

Numbers are also often linked with ‘things’.   I have a house, I have two houses, I have three cars, I have four dogs, etc.  I know that this is turning into a silly post, but there is thought behind it, promise!  I have to do some more reflection….would our world be better or worse without numbers.  Maybe we could start by dropping calculus classes – never did use what I learned there anyway, see…..more useless numbers!

Sometimes I think we are just too hung up on numbers.  After all, Jesus began an entire new religion with only 12.