Sometimes I think that we get too hung up on numbers.  I was going to name this post, “Are numbers really our friends?” but I thought that sounded a bit too Sesame Street-ish.  And so, I simply called it ‘Numbers’.  Now for those who think that it is going to be a commentary on the Book of Numbers, sorry to disappoint, I’m not that deep.  No, it is more of a simple, fleeting, silly thought.

I had not posted for a week, partly because I was sick, busy…and a bit lazy!  When I finally did yesterday, I noticed that there were soooooo many blogs that I read that I was behind on, a large number and, from the stats on my post, there weren’t too many views.  That ‘number’ began to get me down and began a spiral…

Numbers.  My age is a number.  I don’t need a number to let me know that I am aging, my body screams that at me each day with a new ache or pain.  And my age in numbers inhibits me sometimes.  Maybe I want to run through a sprinkler (first thought that came to mind as I sit in CT buried in snow and ice), or sing a song out loud (maybe even a rap song), but I am quickly reminded to ‘act my age’ by my internal voice.  Numbers can sometimes lead to comparisons, odious.  It is only natural that a larger number may mean more, better, best, and a smaller one can be ‘not enough’. 

Numbers are also often linked with ‘things’.   I have a house, I have two houses, I have three cars, I have four dogs, etc.  I know that this is turning into a silly post, but there is thought behind it, promise!  I have to do some more reflection….would our world be better or worse without numbers.  Maybe we could start by dropping calculus classes – never did use what I learned there anyway, see…..more useless numbers!

Sometimes I think we are just too hung up on numbers.  After all, Jesus began an entire new religion with only 12.

20 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. That last line is especially compelling! You are so right. Quality, not quantity. I, too, have fallen into the habit of checking my page views, my comment numbers, my amount of followers, and it creates unnecessary anxiety. Thanks for helping me to realize that these things are not so important…that we cannot exactly *measure* success. 🙂

  2. My parents were no good at numbers.

    They often said me “I told you a million times not to do this …”

    That was not true. Did they really know how many times a million times is?

    Jesus once mentioned numbers. He said we should forgive seventy times seven. He didn’t mean it literally of course. He meant, just like my parents, “we should forgive at least a million times” and more.

    Pity not many people take notice of that.

    God bless.

    1. How many times do we use the word ‘millions?’ Maybe Jesus didn’t like numbers either and that’s why he gave the infinity number as an answer to that question.

  3. Andie: I have noticed that churches are very hung up on numbers now as well….I find this disturbing, like you said, Jesus started with 12 and that small number combined with the Holy Spirit, changed the world! Glad to have you back! Lori

    1. Boy, are they ever!!! We lost about 200 kids when we revamped our rel. ed. program this year. We still have over 400 but everyone kept talking about those that left. The numbers don’t matter….what we offer now is a really great, good quality program. It’s a little ‘out of the box’ but so was Jesus.

  4. Oh man, don’t even talk to me about numbers — I have a serious problem (obsession) with them, especially as they relate to readers and blog followers. I haven’t been online nearly as much as usual this week, and I see the impact on my blog stats and comments –the great decline. And like you, it gets to me. I love, love your observation about Jesus. Seriously, 12 followers! Yup, I needed that reminder today (every day!). Thanks, Andie!

  5. Well, people have rallied round to your anxiety on a decline in stats !!
    Despite the fact that I am a biologist I don’t have any affinity for numeracy. Sometimes I think it would be nice to start all over with an inspirational teacher because the one I had at school terrified me.
    I was just thinking yesterday that when I add up 8 and 5 I always hesitate. I don’t have any problem wth other numbers just anything that ends with these two numbers !! This goes back to my earliest years and it has always intrigued me as to why this is.

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