Another cold….ugh!  I guess working around children also means working with germs!  The snow is falling yet again…and the air is bitter cold.  I have this silly hangnail  that stings when I press the keys on my computer.  The room that I’m in needs to be picked up and I am so tired and not sleepy…shall I go on?

Ever have one of those days when the very act of breathing seems to be a burden?  When you get  irritated so easily that the sound of footsteps sends you praying for patience and/or forgiveness?  Welcome to my Tuesday!

So what to do….well, first I will wallow for a few more moments, and then I will sit and try to be silent.  And in that silence, I will try to focus on something other than myself and these little annoyances.  And at some point in this prayer process, I will be able to say ‘thank you’.