Sometimes it’s the little things

Another cold….ugh!  I guess working around children also means working with germs!  The snow is falling yet again…and the air is bitter cold.  I have this silly hangnail  that stings when I press the keys on my computer.  The room that I’m in needs to be picked up and I am so tired and not sleepy…shall I go on?

Ever have one of those days when the very act of breathing seems to be a burden?  When you get  irritated so easily that the sound of footsteps sends you praying for patience and/or forgiveness?  Welcome to my Tuesday!

So what to do….well, first I will wallow for a few more moments, and then I will sit and try to be silent.  And in that silence, I will try to focus on something other than myself and these little annoyances.  And at some point in this prayer process, I will be able to say ‘thank you’.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon … Being silent reminds me of the snow falling so silently today, and the beauty in that whole process. Take care.

  2. I feel your pain . . . the cold . . . the annoyances. Both have visited me quite often the past month. I’m so glad God is patient with us and speaks His peace when we are quiet and listen.

  3. Andie,
    Take a step back from your work ( easier said than done I know when working and looking after kids) but take some time to look after yourself.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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