Peter is probably my favorite ‘character’ in the Bible.  He just seems so real to me, quick tempered and stubborn, yet loyal (well, most of the time) and willing to come back…come back after his denial.  There’s so much about Peter that I think about but today I’m reflecting on him walking on the water.

Imagine being in a boat and seeing Jesus walking toward you on the water.  Most would just stare in amazement, but not Peter.  Peter wanted to try it on his own, of course, it was a really cool thing to do.  That alone tells me that Peter had great faith, if he didn’t think it was possible, then why even ask?  But he did and Jesus said, sure, but you have to get out of the boat (hmmm…..getting out of the boat…..another post???)  And so, Peter stepped out and began to walk on the water.  He was able to do this because his eyes were focused on Jesus – look straight ahead and begin to walk. 

It was only when he took he began to look around him (took his eyes off Jesus) that he began to sink.  Perhaps he began to doubt, to question, to say to himself, ‘this is impossible, I can’t do this.’  We all know the end of the story.  He reached out and took the hand that was offered in love and began to rise to the surface again.

How often do I take my eyes off of Jesus and begin to sink?  If I picture myself walking on the water I can begin to name the waves that pull my focus away from the Light.  My stresses, my worries, my anxieties, I can name each one.  I suppose that it might be somewhat helpful to name them but that’s all.  Once I focus on them, they begin to overpower me and down I go. 

Peter, I share your passion but I also share some of your doubts and your fears.  Help me today so that I can answer the questions as you did…..”Yes Lord, you know that I love you.”