Plugged in but not charging

Right now I am trying to figure out why my laptop batter isn’t charging.  I began to think, sometimes that is the way that I feel.  When I’m on retreat, engrossed in a great spiritual book or speaking with a friend (or reading your great blogs), I feel all ‘charged up’ and ready to go.  Yup, it all makes sense, I know it and I can feel it…the question then becomes, can I live it?

When I am unplugged from these helps, does my spiritual battery maintain enough charge to keep me functioning?  When the fear sets in, when the anxiety and worry appear, when the anger starts to build, how much ‘charge’ is in my battery?

I’ll solve the problem with my laptop and I’ll be grateful for the ‘connection’ made with my very own ‘spiritual battery’, and hopefully we will both be able to ‘hold the charge’.

12 thoughts on “Plugged in but not charging

  1. I think you’re right on several levels. Sometimes we lose our charge and have to re-connect with whatever area is lacking … Kind of a way of feeding the soul, or the mind, or the laptop too. I guess we always need that source of sustenance, that energy-boost, in many ways.

  2. I am reminded that my laptop does not always charge if the connection is not tight. I often have to remove the line from the computer, check for dust or whatever other interference might be there and make sure that the connection is secure when I plug back in… what metaphors! Thanks for helping me to see this often frustrating moment in a new light.

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