I have about five books that I always say that I want buried with me – talk about a happy thought…  But these are books that have changed my way of thinking and living.  One of them is “The Essence of Prayer” by Ruth Burrows OCD.  Here is a short passage from the beginning:

Any talk about prayer, if we are to stand in the clear, pure atmosphere of truth, must begin by reflecting in firm belief on what Jesus shows us of God.  Let us push straight to the heart of the matter.  What is the core, the central message of the revelation of Jesus?  Surely it is of the unconditional love of God for us, for each one of us:  God, the unutterable, incomprehensible Mystery, the Reality of all reality, the Life of all life.  And this means that divine Love desires to communicate Its Holy Self to us.  Nothing Less!  This is God’s irrevocable will and purpose; it is the reason why everything that is, is, and why each of us exists.  We are here to receive this ineffable, all-transforming, all beatifying Love.  Well-instructed Chritians know this notionally but, alas, few know it really.  And here I must add an important reminder that knowing it ‘really’ does not imply ‘feelingly’.

Wow!  How can I ever let that sink in?  How can I truly believe this, and if (when) I do, how different will my life look?  So, all of our methods, our techiniques, our ‘prayers’ are aids to help us to absorb this Truth.  We are loved, loved beyond our understanding, our knowledge, our abilities.  We are loved because we are…not because we ‘do’ or ‘say’.  We are loved because we are….we were created by Love to receive love and to love in return (in our limited way). 

You are loved – believe this and everything changes.