This last week I had the gift of being on vacation…interesting – a journey from the Caribbean to blizzard Benedict.  Oh well, keeps one humble and real….

Antigua is such a beautiful paradise, but it is a poor island with 20% unemployment.  People struggle to find any kind of work which will allow them to feed their families, many of which are quite large.  While on the way to the beach, we rode in a taxi with about 20 others.  These taxis are open air van type and the drivers often just drive to the beach and back each day.  Their fees are set and they rely heavily on the tips of those kind enough to give a little extra.  Often, they have microphones and they speak about the different sites along the way.  As he was telling us about his beautiful island, the conversation changed….

He told us that he is blessed with 10 children.  He was able to save enough to buy this taxi and he works six days a week.  “God gives me six days and I give him the seventh”.  He was offered  a job on Sundays but he refused.  “Sunday is the Lord’s Day and I give that day to him”. 

“God gives me six days, and I give the seventh to him,” he said as he smiled and drove through the streets of Antigua.  I don’t know what they had for dinner that night, or if they have any money in the bank, but I did learn from that man, what it means to be rich.