What it means to be rich…

17 thoughts on “What it means to be rich…”

  1. So good to have you back, Andie!
    So you were nearly in my neck of woods (the Caribbean). Your encounter was Godde-given, one of those small miracles that set our priorities right.
    For having lived in developing countries, I have encountered many people like your sunny taxi-driver. I always find it an encounter with the Spirit, an invitation to change. I just seem to take forever to do so.

    1. So true Claire. There is much wisdom in the everyday if we have the ears to listen. It was wonderful for me to hear that from our taxi-driver. Godde’s invitation comes from the most interesting places..

  2. I have been blessed to be able to travel all over the Caribbean and the story you relate is very common in all the islands. I’m not sure why except that they seem to focus on the true meaning of living a good life and not worry about the rest – at least the way we here in the “world of material riches” do.

  3. What an inspirational post! Isn’t it great when you receive such a wonderful lesson when you least expect it??

    Hope you had a nice vacation!

    God Bless, and welcome back.

  4. How beautiful that he said he was “blessed with ten children”, as well as him giving the seventh day back to God , shows that he does indeed know what it means to be rich!

    Such an uplifting post. Thank you and welcome back Andie.

  5. Great post. Mother Teresa talks about the poverty in the US being much harder to cure than that of third world countries…”The most terrible poverty is loneliness…and the feeling of being unloved.”

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