John Denver had a song in the early 80’s called ‘Heart to Heart’.  The words are beautiful and the love that they speak of is my wish for the New Year…..for my family, friends, and for all of you who have become a part of my life in a most mystical yet real way.

I haven’t seen all there is to see
But I’ve seen quite a bit
Some things I’ll always remember
Some things I wish that I could forget
I haven’t quite been around the world
But I’ve been around the block
I know that distances are meaningless
Like the hands that move around a clock
And I know that love is everywhere
Always safe, always true
And exactly where it comes from
Is where its going to

Your heart to mine
My heart to yours
Talk about opening windows
Talk about opening doors
My heart to yours
Your heart to mine
Love is a light that shines
From heart to heart