As we say goodbye to 2010

I was wondering….as you reflect back on 2010, what shape was it?

A circle?  I started off with good intentions but here I am, right back to where I began

A spiral?  I’m still trudging along, making some progress, but those old wounds still greet me at each turn

A zig-zag?  I think that I’m going ok but then have to change course because I hit a dead end

A square?  I had it all figured out and was going full speed ahead until I hit this roadblock

A triangle?  It was all uphill in the beginning but the climb was worth it because now I’m sliding along

A line?  I’m still on the way….no end in sight?

Any others?

12 thoughts on “As we say goodbye to 2010

  1. a rollercoaster full of “mountainous valleys” – tough going and not much momentum

    and climaxing with a ‘rip-snorter’ of a dip

    and a grinding halt at the top of a mountain

    where I exclaim…
    “where on earth am I, and how on earth did I end up here!!!”


      1. haha, yes, a wild ride it was, but Im hoping to settle in this peace for a little, in preparation for the next one! :O)

  2. The shape that instantly comes to mind is the shape of a plaster cast on my arm. So much of my year since July has revolved around that shape! I am looking forward to a more normal, boring shape in 2011!

    1. Since July, wow! I can certainly understand how that shape has effected your 2010. Yes, I do hope that 2011 brings more normal and boring shapes for you, and…continued healing.

      1. I only had the cast on until the end of August, but its shadow remained through the following months as I tried to get back full use of arm and fingers. I am looking forward to a more normal 2011!

  3. Not sure about shape; probably amorphous- since retirement I have not had formal shape to my days which is great but takes some getting used to.

    The texture is a mixture of walking through treacle some days, shifting sands running through my fingers on others – a work and play still in progress and with much to be thankful for.


  4. Hi Andie,
    Love this post, very creative and vivid. I started my year with several big question marks and at the end of the year I’ve erased several and added even more:)

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