My daughter shared this with me this year… seems as though this was the response that little Cindy received when she invited the Grinch to Christmas Dinner?  Anyone have someone like this at your dinner table?    We will pray that their hearts grew a little bit bigger this Chirstmas just as the Grinch’s did….

“even if i wanted to go, my schedule wouldnt allow it.
4:00 wallow in self pity.
4:30 Stare in the Abyss.
5:00 Solve world hunger, tell no one.
5:30 Jazzercize
6:00 Dinner with myself.. I cant cancel that Again!
7:00 wrestle with my self loathing…
i’m booked!
course if i move the loathing to 9 i could still be done in time to lie in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness……but what would i wear!”