12 thoughts on “Where Will You Find Him?

  1. I will find Him in those around me, I will find Him in love, I will find Him in charity, I will find Him on Facebook and Twitter, I will find Him in you and I will find Him in me… if I can simply look and gaze and respond to the love.

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful, thought provoking post!

    I see Him in a gorgeous sunset; a new fallen snow; the birth of a child; a cardinal outside my window; in ALL of nature. and His creation. His creativity amazes me!

    I pray that I will see Him in the eyes of each person I look into, so that I can see others with a pure and compassionate heart.

    Thank you for your graciouis comments on my blog! I look forward to visiting with you more!

    Abundant blessings to you,

  3. I found him in a conversation I had Christmas night and in imagining the scene of Mary and the angel Gabriel (in an Ignatius style of placing yourself in the gospels)… I connected with her courage and even bit of her fear, her questions.

    Thought-provoking question you’ve asked 🙂

  4. I’m seeing Him now, in the blizzard we are getting. Snow is falling softly, but not before the wind carries it from its original destination to land elsewhere. It is soft as feathers, coating the ground in pristine whiteness.

    I see Him in the safety and warmth of my home; in the embers in the fireplace, in the soft glow of our Christmas lights.

    I will soon see Him in the freshness of various ingredients that will soon become a heaven-sent pot of homemade soup.

    He is – everywhere. Always.

    1. Beautiful Kris….I can smell that soup cooking as I sit and watch the blizzard rage outside my window. There is something very peacful and cozy about this storm, you’re right. Enjoy the soup and stay warm.

  5. Andie, I came to see what you’re writing about on your blog and can see that I’ll enjoy coming again and again. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    We find God in everything aspect of our lives if we stop to think about it… in fact, in life itself. After battling cancer a few years ago I’m very appreciative of each new day.

    Carol J. Garvin
    Careann’s Musings

  6. Welcome Carol, I’m so glad that you stopped by. I’m sure that you see with new eyes after going through what you did. And, instead of being angry and bitter, you are grateful. You find God in life itself, beautiful.

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