I’m almost too embarrassed to post this but we had to come up with something very quickly for the little children….and so….this is a ‘version’ of the Jesse Tree.  To all of you out there who are true poets, please forgive me…..

Jesse Tree Poem 2010

Twas the night before Christmas and all those at Mass — were excited to hear a story from the past

The Jesse tree was hung by the altar with care — but  was nothing on it, it was quite bare

The children were seated all ready to listen — and add their ornaments to make the tree glisten

The story they’re hearing is our Salvation History — It’s straight from the Bible – it’s not a mystery

So, I’m ready to get started, to speak of God’s love — His people, his covenant, and promises from above

Everything started when  time began — God created the world, that was his game plan

The sun and the moon, the stars and the land, — Everything that you see was made by his hand,

(ornament – world)

Adam and Eve  were the first people he made, — On the seventh day God rested in the shade

Along came that snake and tricked them to eat fruit — But God said, don’t worry, a Savior’s coming from Jesse’s root

(ornament – apple)

The people, they sinned, they were just plain bad — What they did, what they said, made God very sad

Then God made a plan, let’s make a fresh start — Old Noah and the animals, the rain and an ark

(ornament – ark)

I’ll send them a rainbow, as a sign of my love — And an green olive branch in the beak of a dove

(ornament – rainbow)

But it wasn’t too long before people started to sin — I have to send Jesus – Who’s good enough to be his kin?

Abraham offered Isaac on a high mountain top — Ready to sacrifice him, but God shouted ‘Stop’                       

(ornament – mountain)         

So Abraham, was faithful when put to the test — His family is worthy, his family is blessed

Joseph, his grandson wore a bright coat on his back — His brothers were jealous and they said ’hit the road, Jack’

(ornament – coat)

But then they were hungry, had no food to eat — So they went to find Joseph, and begged at his feet

Joseph forgave them and welcomed them home — ‘you stay here with me now,  no longer you’ll roam

But lots of time passed and each one was a slave — So God chose someone to lead them, someone very brave

Moses was chosen but he needed a push — So God spoke to Moses through fire and a bush

Moses led them through the dessert and to new lands — God gave them their freedom and 10 Commands           

            (ornament – 10 Commandments)

The people weren’t happy, they cried for a king — No, I’m all you need, not a king with his bling

(ornament – crown)

But they kept crying, they just wouldn’t stop — So they had their kings, some good, some a flop

Prophets tried to stop them from all of their sin — You’d better listen, you’d better obey, or you’ll never win

Poor Jonah he had to learn the hard way — Three days in a whale was the price that he’d pay

(ornament – whale)

Isaiah read from a scroll about peace in the land

(ornament – scroll)

 A lion, a lamb lay together in the sand

(ornament –animals)

Then God said IT’S TIME – TO SEND DOWN MY OWN — To send the greatest love the world has ever known            

(ornament – heart)

Two parents he chose, Joseph and Mary — A dark night, a stable, it was a little scary

(ornament – carpenter’s tools)

Baby Jesus was born on a night just like this

A bright star in the sky was God’s very own kiss                  

(ornament – star)

They came from afar, they came from close by

They came bearing gifts, followed that star in the sky

So Jesus was born and that is the story

The angels were singing great hymns of his glory

He took away sin for once and for all

He invites us to follow…will you say yes to his call?

Jesus came to save us once and for all

He opened up heaven, he broke down the wall

The story is over but his love remains

Throughout all our troubles, throughout all our pains

He asks for our love and to remember this season

That in the midst of the fun, Jesus is the reason

And so as you leave here and drive out of sight

I say ‘A Blessed Christmas to all and to all a good-night’