What are you giving birth to?

What are you giving birth to this Christmas?  What will you be bringing into the world,  something that brings peace, joy, love, or will you be adding more anger, resentment, and hatred?  It’s something to think about….what do we add each day into the atmosphere?

Each day we ‘give birth’, so to speak.  We ‘birth’ words, feelings, and actions.  They become part of the world and they can help or they can hurt.  At this time of the year, when we celebrate the Incarnation, love coming into the world in human form, let us think about what we bring to the world.  We have the ability to incarnate Jesus each day, we are invited to do so. 

Maybe today you will see someone who needs to meet Him….can we ‘birth’ Jesus again this Christmas?

6 thoughts on “What are you giving birth to?

  1. How beautifully put! I often use the metaphor of what we are giving birth to in my thoughts and so forth. You do so in such a fine way here today.

    A wise person once pointed out the notion of birthing during a difficult time in my life. She said that giving birth meant giving yourself over to something larger than yourself. It meant a long wait, sometimes that seemed maddeningly long! It also meant that when the birth moment came to expect more delay, discomfort and pain.

    And then transformation.

    What am I giving birth to today?

    It is a question forever on my heart.

  2. You’re right. Much of the essence of our days, of our home and life is of our own choosing. The perspective we begin each day with does influence our outlook, and feeling. The thing is, we usually can choose that perspective and give a good vibe to the day 🙂

  3. Nice one Andie. I like what you say.

    But I struggle with this because the reality for so many is that they are stuck !!

    It is people who can’t give birth that we need to be with – the relentless dictum to be positive can really hinder people.

    It is not sheer determination that makes everything OK in this life. Many people are broken and no amount of urging them on can help at such times. Patience and endurance are the only thing we can do and just to be with people wh are hurting sometimes.It is really imporatnt that they are not “pushed” or “induced” to use a birthing metaphor.

    I hope you do not take this as a criticism just an extension of the thought.

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