So many of us grew up with the adage, ‘it is better to give than to receive’, and I suppose that is a good, solid statement.  After all, it is implied that we should not be selfish, we should share, and we should give of ourselves.  But, let’s not be too quick to give up ‘receiving’.  

Are you a gracious receiver?  For many of us it is so difficult and awkward to receive.  We may feel undeserving, inadequate, and simply not worthy of the gifts that may be offered to us.  It takes us out of our comfort zones.  We are much better givers.  Maybe it’s a bit of a control issue…

Anyway, as we progress through our lives we find that out of necessity we are forced to receive more, we have no choice.  Our physical bodies begin to break down and our mental faculties dull a bit and we discover that we need to rely on others.  We can accept those changes gracefully or we can fight it every step of the way.  I think that we’ve all seen examples of both.  And eventually, we have no choice, we must receive the ultimate gift….the gift of our eternal home.

So, why is it necessary that we become receivers?

Jesus received the precious oil on his feet… example for us

Jesus washed his disciples feet…Peter had a bit of trouble receiving that, remember?

Jesus gave us his life…..

Is it good to give?  Of course

Is it good to receive?  I think so.