Wasting time…an interesting topic to introduce, especially at this time of year when every minute, every second is so prescious and needed to prepare for the Season.  How could one possible think about wasting time when there is so much to do?  What an irresponsible suggestion!

But, is there ever a good time to waste time?  Don’t we all tell our  children not to waste time?  Don’t we all feel a twinge of guilt at the end of a day when we have wasted time?  Sometimes we even chide ourselves or others for wasting time on a person (ugh!).

And yet, of all the definitions of prayer that I am aware of, my favorite is:  Prayer is wasting time with God.  Wasting time…..hangin’ out….talking when I have something to say…..listening when God is speaking.  No demands, no expectations (referring to expectations that I am defining), no set words or format, no rules, no watching the clock.  Just hangin’ out with my Best Friend and Lover. 

I’m reminded of those games at carnivals when you have to try to shoot the duck that is moving across in front of you.  Hard to hit a moving target, it would be so much easier if it wasn’t moving.  Imagine God trying to ‘shoot’ us with his love and we are just moving all the time.  Perhaps he is thinking, if they would just sit still for a moment or two and let me just love them.  If they would just consent to spending a little time with me, I could give them so much. If they would just waste a little time with me……and oh, by the way, isn’t it silly that they actually think that they ‘own’ this time that they think they use so wisely?

Today is the Sabbath, today is the Second Sunday of Advent, a season of waiting.  Today I will try  to listen a little more, to speak a little less, to be more aware, to worship, to rest……and to waste a little time.