Today I am overwhelmed, but overwhelmed in a good way.  I was all set to write about lonliness, which I still want to do soon, but I’ve had a change of heart.  I cannot ignore the response that I received from the post yesterday.  How could I possibly think about lonliness when so many of you wrote such kind and supportive comments?

We have never met, we don’t know much about each other, have no idea what most of us do all day or where we live, and yet there is a solidarity between us and it is beautiful.  You identified with my need for perfection (hope it’s that and not control, that would be worse, I think), and you offered such kind support, friendship and advice.  I am truly grateful and humbled.  Thank you.

It’s funny, we are able to connect to people in so many different ways.  There are always the ‘old fashioned’ family and friends, those people with whom we work and have that in common, others who we may meet along the way by chance, and now, our friends through blogging.

When I began this a few months ago, I had no idea what it would lead to and what a gift it would be.  Not only have I been able to express some of my own heart ‘whispers’ but I have met so many of you who have truly overwhelmed me with your wisdom and love.  God is good, he seems to know what we need when we need it and he always provides in quiet, loving abundance.

And so I thank you.  We are a funny bunch, we humans.  Who would have ‘thunk’ that a silly ‘missed a day’ post would bring me such joy and comradery?  And now……I’m on my way to read your posts…..

20 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. BAH! And here u thought that nobody cared or noticed! ;O)
    You r doin alright I recon…
    Hey! Even God took a rest day!!
    Take care Chicky, Be Blessed, as you yourself are a blessing
    Cyber Hugs :O)

  2. Hi, Andie…
    Missed your post yesterday about being overwhelmed because I was…overwhelmed! (Not really, but busy, on the road and no time to check blogs!)
    By now you’ve noticed I don’t post everyday. This is because I don’t always have something to say! Somewhere we feel that if we blog, we need to write everyday. Nope. We don’t.
    Quantity does not make up for quality. I like reading you because you have something to say. Don’t turn your blog into a meat grinder just because you think you “have to” write. All you really have to do is love God and love others in the same way. God bless, friend! JT

    1. Great advice, Jim, thank you! You are right, love God and love others and all the rest will come. Be careful ‘on the road’, lots of distracted drivers at this time of year.

  3. Some time ago, I was asked to say where I worship. Which parish. Which denomination. Strangely enough, I like to worship best of all online. My faith community is virtual. It is made up of all denominations possible. Of course, I go to mass, usually in a Catholic Church. But some of the most elevating, inspiring thoughts I find here, on line.

    Blessings, Andie.

    1. What a beautiful thing to say, and I totally agree Claire. There is so much wisdom in what others offer through this virtual ‘liturgy’. Thank you.

  4. It’s an interesting phenomenon, the way these blog friendships take hold. Sometimes blogging feels like a virtual meeting over the backyard fence, coffee in hand, checking in with our “neighbors.” I’m glad you’re overwhelmed with joy today!

  5. I think about this a lot too and had it very much on my mind today, so this is timely!

    Quite often, usually when I am in one of my theology classes – most of us are from mid-30’s to about 60’s or so, people complain about the empty/loneliness of the internet. I have also heard this when teaching classes about online faith formation, faith sharing etc. It is almost universally from folks who do not participate in these forums.

    People do not realize how powerful our connections can be out here… and I am not wanting for human community in my daily life either. It is all enriching to me.

    My life is especially blessed because I have met numerous blogging and facebook friends as well – what gift. I hope to meet you one day when I am near where you are!

    It is all very overwhelming in the very best way and I am grateful!

    1. Amen to that Fran. I have taken online courses and they are wonderful. It’s great to get opinions from others in different areas, so enriching. These are really people at the other end of these posts and it is beautiful how they share their heart stories. hope to meet you as well.

      1. My class is in a bricks and mortar building and those who decry the online community are generally well intentioned adults who have not had the experience of transformation out here. Sorry if that was not clear! We will meet one day!

  6. The Spirit will make the most of every opportunity to bring people together. Friendship and relationship shouldn’t have barriers or definitions – if they work – they work.

    1. You are so right. “The wind blows where it will”…relationships, that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? Being there for each other without ‘barriers or definitions’.

  7. Isn’t it a wonder? The way relationship works? I believe the online community is a very special one–one reason I try to stay active in the HighCalling.org community. Friendship here is very real. You have encouraged me many times. I encourage you, Andie. You have a beautiful heart. Thank you so much for being trueblue.

  8. What a beautiful thing to say, laura, thank you. There is something very special about all of this and I don’t think that people who haven’t experienced it can understand. I know I wouldn’t have before I began. It is very real.

  9. I am quite blessed in my life to have some incredibly close friends in my “real world”. And there a few in my “cyber world” that I would consider incredibly close.

    And I’ve never met them. Yet I would know them on sight, I’m sure of it.

    They are friends I may never meet yet – they are friends. It is a brave new world.

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