We think of journeys during this season.  Poor Mary, how uncomfortable it must have been for her having to travel to Bethlehem being nine months  pregnant.   In a few weeks we remember the Magi and their journey to see the Infant King.  Even the shepherds journeyed, following the angel’s invitation to a manger.

Advent is a time when we think about our own lives, our personal journeys.  The Readings certainly invite us to wake up, stay alert and get ready.  We reflect on our lives, how far we’ve come, where we would like to go.  You know, ‘miles to go before you sleep’.

 On a different note, we journey to stores to purchase gifts,  we journey to visit friends and families, and we journey to our churches to worship. 

A journey is defined as the act of traveling from one place to another.   The examples I wrote of speak of journeys both outside and within.  There is one last journey that I’m thinking of this morning.  And that is sometimes the longest journey of all…..

the journey from the head to the heart. 

It refers to the gift of being able to transform head knowledge  into heart wisdom.  It’s storage vs. application.  It’s knowing vs. feeling. It’s posessing vs. sharing.  It’s living vs. loving.

The journey from the head to the heart….the shortest distance…..the longest journey.