The cut on my thumb

12 thoughts on “The cut on my thumb”

  1. or maybe like “My Fair Lady” have a mouth full of marbles :O)

    Yes Lord, cut our hearts so that our words may be spoken with more consideration and less haste.

    Out of the Heart the Mouth speaks…
    that cut me to the heart when God gave me a true revelation of this verse (cant remember its reference off hand)
    Take care and have a great weekend

  2. Oh … so many thoughts enter my mind whilst reading this post!!!!

    These days, intead of pebbles most people use chocolate or some other un-necessary delight whilst others in the world starve.

    A delay mechanism would be ideal before we say something we might regret … although some people I know would require X thousand volts through their brain instead.

    And … thinking of your cut finger, I wonder what Christ thinks and remembers every time He sees the scars in His hands, feet and side? He doesn’t need to hold back on what He says … He forgives silently once again.

    Thanx for a great post Andie.

    God bless.

  3. And now to complicate things we have texting and email….sometimes we need the equivalent of a pebble before we hit “send” I had the terrible misfortune to hit “send” once and sent it to the wrong person, actually I was sending it to someone else about her, but I sent it to her instead…….luckily I was able to joke her out of it, but it was a lesson I will never forget! Great post!

    1. Oh my gosh, Lori, you are so right. I fogot about including texting and emails. How I wish there was a ‘take back the send’ button. Once it goes, it is so gone. I’m happy that you were able to joke about what you sent. Thank God for humor.

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