A few days ago I was opening a can and I cut my thumb on its edge.  It was not particularily deep, but it bled a bit and hurt a bit and continues to sting each time I use my thumb.  It serves as a little reminder that I should be more careful with sharp edges.  It will heal soon, but until then, each time I bump it, it hurts.

I was thinking….even though I wouldn’t like it, perhaps I should have a similar type of ‘cut’ in my mouth so that I could better control my words.  If every time I went to say something unkind, judgmental or untrue, I felt a little ‘sting’, might I be a bit more careful with my words?  Maybe not a ‘cut’, maybe I need more of a delay, you know that kind that they use on television. 

Anyway, just a short post, a little musing.  Reminds me of this story from the Desert Fathers:

It  was said about Abba Agathon that for three years he carried a pebble around in his mouth until he learned to be silent.

Desert Wisdom, translated by Yushi Nomura

Perhaps I should take a walk today and search for pebbles.