Don’t fix those cracks too quickly

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
Leonard Cohen

If there’s a crack in a dish, we throw it away.  If there is a crack in a wall, we patch it.  If there is a crack in the window, we replace it.  If there is a crack in the ice, we don’t walk on it.

 If there is a crack in our hearts…..we have lived, we have been hurt, we have loved, we have risked, we are human, we are real.

Cracks in ‘things’ are flaws, merchandise that is cracked doesn’t interest us.  We want perfection.  If something is cracked, it may be used or old.  It may be weak. We want new and shiny.  We want undamaged goods. 

It isn’t like that with us.  When we ‘patch’ our cracks, we add more layers, we hide the flaws, we hide our true selves.  My ‘cracks’  show that I have lived and have been battered a bit by life’s ups and downs.  My cracks are my own and yet they unite me with others who are also cracked. 

Don’t be so quick to fix those cracks because   it is through those ‘cracks’ that the light gets in….and…it is through those very same ‘cracks’ that the light from within shines forth to all the world. 

13 thoughts on “Don’t fix those cracks too quickly

  1. Yes!
    As a great Christian friend says…
    We are all Cracked Pots…
    and the light from within…
    I am a seriously cracked pot… in more ways than one ;o)
    some days the light is dim, and others it is like daylight

  2. Andie, I just love your posts and your blog… simple and clean…..most of all the depth of your writing and perception! It is a real blessing to me! Lori

    1. Thank you so much Lori – can’t tell you what that means to me because I am new at all of this. I love your blog as well. Thanks for your kindness.

  3. If the cracks in a heart are the proof of a life lived – well then I’ve lived one heckuva life in 47 years.

    And yes I agree – each one of those cracks, healed or healing, reminds me that I am alive, breathing and navigating my way thru life.

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