Don’t fix those cracks too quickly

13 thoughts on “Don’t fix those cracks too quickly”

  1. Yes!
    As a great Christian friend says…
    We are all Cracked Pots…
    and the light from within…
    I am a seriously cracked pot… in more ways than one ;o)
    some days the light is dim, and others it is like daylight

  2. Andie, I just love your posts and your blog… simple and clean…..most of all the depth of your writing and perception! It is a real blessing to me! Lori

    1. Thank you so much Lori – can’t tell you what that means to me because I am new at all of this. I love your blog as well. Thanks for your kindness.

  3. If the cracks in a heart are the proof of a life lived – well then I’ve lived one heckuva life in 47 years.

    And yes I agree – each one of those cracks, healed or healing, reminds me that I am alive, breathing and navigating my way thru life.

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