Tomorrow many people will add leafs to their tables so that they can seat a greater number than usual.  Tablecloths are spread, the ‘good’ dishes are used and there are multiple forks and spoons and glasses at each place setting.  All is set, the house filled with luscious aromas as family and friends arrive.  We sit at table, ready to feast, but first…..we give thanks.

And we remember…..

while your table is filled with food, some aren’t

while you enjoy the fellowship of others, some are alone

while you walk to the table, some can’t

while you extend your table, some have empty chairs this year

We give thanks, as we should, but we also remember.  We lift all of our brothers and sisters up to the Lord and we ask for his blessings upon them.  And as we bow our heads in prayer we know that God hears our prayers and is grateful to us for remembering others on this very special day.  We are one body.