I wasn’t going to post anything this morning but as I was sitting for some quiet time I happened to glance out the window and I saw the beautiful white light of the moon shining through the bare branches of late November.  As I focused on its light, I realized that it is not the moon’s light at all.  I had to remind myself that the moon does not generate its own light.  The light that we see is a reflection of the sun’s light shining on the moon.  But the moon reflects it so beautifully that one thinks that it is indeed the moon’s own light.

What do we reflect, or do we even reflect anything at all?  The moon has to be empty of itself, so to speak, in order to receive the light from the sun.  It does have to have substance or the light would pass right through, but it’s purpose is not to create light but to receive and reflect the light from a greater and more brilliant source. 

Do we reflect the loving light and the healing warmth from our Source?  Do we reflect it brightly enough so that it shines on others and lights their paths?  Are we the light for someone when their ‘sun’ isn’t shining? 

The light of the moon…the light of our souls….may it continue to shine in this sometimes darkened world.  And may we always remember who the Source of this constant streaming light truly is and may we humble ourselves so that we can receive it with gratitude and reflect it in pure joy.