The End of the Day

My hands were filled with grocery bags, I had tried to carry too much once again.  As I reached for the doorknob, cans hit the ground and rolled away.  Exasperated, I said, ‘Oh, I wish that I had three arms!’.

The light turned red just as I was approaching, I was frustrated, I was in a hurry, I had no time to wait at this light.

My phone rang and I looked at the number so that I could identify the caller.  I thought, ‘ what is it this time, what story does she have to tell me right now, why does she always call at the worst times?’

At the end of the day, as I climbed into bed, I felt every bone in my body aching.  I was exhausted.  How will I ever catch up with the work that I have to do?

And then……… I lay there and reflect on my day…….I remembered……

I wish I had three arms, how thankful I am for the two healthy arms that I do have.  I must pray for all of those who have lost a limb, to cancer, to war, to whatever.

I had no time to wait for the red light, how thankful I am to be able to drive, to have eyes that see and ears that hear, to have the freedom to jump into my car and drive.  I must pray for all of those who lay in hospital beds, who are confined to their beds, who live in places where women are not free to travel alone.

I didn’t want to take that phone call, how thankful I am to have friends who trust me enough to unload their cares, to share their secrets, who want to hear my voice.  I must pray for all of those who are lonely, who have no one who cares enough to listen to their stories, who only stare at strangers day after day.

I ached at the end of my day, how thankful I am to have work that I love, work that makes a difference, that teaches the faith to others.  How thankful I am to have a bed to climb into in a house that is heated, in a neighborhood that is safe.  I pray for those who can’t find work and who struggle to make ends meet, and for those who have no homes, who live on the street, who find temporary shelter in old buildings or subway stations.

The end of the day……a couple of minutes of reflection…..sometimes makes all the difference.

15 thoughts on “The End of the Day

  1. Traffic lights, grocery bags, phone calls. The mundane, everyday things we take for granted are, in a way, the things we’d miss most if we couldn’t do them. They are beautiful, every day life. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. This is one of the most wonderful blog posts I have read in some time. You turned every little complaint of a day into a prayer of gratitude for all Christ has given you and into selfless prayer for others that go without…simply beautiful!

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