There is a story told of a young man in a cabin who prays to God and asks God what He wants him to do with his life.

 God tells him to look at the massive rock that is in a valley beneath him and every day for the rest of his life he is to push that rock. The young man does as he is told by God and does so for about twenty years.

After twenty years of frustration, the man then prays to God again and says to God, “I’ve done what you’ve told me to do and I haven’t even moved that rock one millimeter.

” God answers him and says, “I didn’t tell you to move that rock. I told you to push it. Look at your hands and arms and how strong they are. Look at the strength of your body that you obtained by pushing on that rock all of these years………..

I just asked you to push the rock……I’LL MOVE THE ROCK “

Faithfulness, obedience, trust, humility……I’m not even sure that I need to add anything to this…  other than to say that today is another day of  ‘pushing that rock’.