Everyone should have a place or two where they can go to and be perfectly safe.  When I say ‘safe’ I think of a place where you can be yourself, where you will not be put down or made fun of, where you will not be hurt, physically or emotionally.  For many people this is the place that they call ‘home’, but for some, home is where monsters live.

I think of homes where children are hurt or forgotten.  Yesterday I heard of such a home in our own town.  From the outside it is a perfect home that houses a perfect family, but it is a home that has secrets, big secrets, secrets that the children are afraid to tell.

I pray for these children and for children everywhere.  The light of childhood should never be extinguished.  The dark eyes that hold secrets are the saddest of all.  I pray that there are safe places for everyone.  My hope is that this place is a physical place where our physical self can dwell, but my certainty is that there is a safe place in the arms of my Abba.