Safe Places

12 thoughts on “Safe Places”

  1. Oh my heart… I grew up in a home like that, it all looked so normal but was anything but. Prayers for all, the safest home is in God. However – getting there can be a challenge, especially for the most vulnerable.

  2. It’s always so sad when we hear of stories like the one you mention where children are robbed of the peace of home. That peace seems to be a home’s true intent, and not having it leaves a terrible void with them.

  3. oh friend, i hurt for all of those homes where monsters dwell… thank you for seeing those children. for bringing them to our attention. i pray God’s protection over them. (i wrote about a similar topic today; my safe place is the mountains…) love to you. e.

  4. It’s so sad that the place called “home” is not always one of safety and peace. I pray for those children with the sad eyes that God will wrap his arms around them and they will feel His peace and love.

  5. My heart goes out to those children – and so many more who’ve never experienced a safe home. It’s so tragic. I’m so glad you closed with the wonderful truth that we can be “sheltered safe within the arms of God.” Sadly, so many have never experienced the warmth, love and acceptance He offers.

  6. My prayers are with these children and those in charge.
    I don’t know the circumstances there.
    It is my hope that all receive the care and direction they need.
    I hope that a trusted, healthy person intervenes in their life.

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