Many years ago I was walking in a parking lot to my car and it was dark.  I was fortunate to be walking alongside someone who had just given an incredible retreat and as we walked he looked up and said,  “We don’t look at the stars enough”.  It is one of those lines that resonates with you and invites you to agree instantly.  It is also one of those lines that stays with you for a very long time and keeps coming back on so many different levels.

What do you suppose that he meant from that comment…..

Do we not look ‘up’ enough?

Do we not take the time to notice beauty….such as the stars?

Do we not look beyond the temporary..into the eternal?

Do we not notice what is always there,  right in front of us?

Or… we simply not ‘look at the stars enough’?

I’m not sure that I will ever really know what he meant by that line, not sure that I need to.  But it has certainly remained with me for a very long time and it has surely invited me to look into the night sky more often.  And, in a very strange and mystical way, it has brought me great peace.

(Welcome J.W. – so glad that you are visiting my blog)