Another Great Quote

9 thoughts on “Another Great Quote”

  1. Andie – I saw your comment on my blog; thank you so much for your kind words and prayers.

    We are blessed in our RCIA class with 7 people plus 3 incredibly gifted instructors. They have also said that they get as much – or more – from the RCIA classes as their students. It is a varied group with people like my husband who grew up Catholic and left the Church; people who have been thru RCIA before but needed to be refreshed, me who was raised evangelical Christian and even someone who was raised without any religion of any kind.

    My husband and I are so excited about this journey.

    And what you say in this post about listening to God in nature – it is the one thing that kept me grounded in some kind of faith, the knowledge that God truly is all around us, all you have to do is look and really see it all. The splendor and beauty.

  2. What a Great Quote!
    It fits so well with how I feel each day when I stop to “smell the roses”
    thats kind of why I began my photo blog, to share what wonders I see, and to remind others of the intricacies and abundance of this world… imagine what it was like before the fall… I cant even fathom what it will be like in heaven!

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