I came across this quote from Mary Anne Racmacher:

Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’

I began to think about the people  I know (and those I only know through television or through others) and admire.  When I was young I would admire the popular kids, the cute kids, the kids who were smart, self-confident and assured, and the kids who seemed to have all the answers and who knew exactly where they were going in life.  People still admire the ‘pretty’ people, the rich, the famous, the intellectuals.  

Perhaps our admiration should be for those who are not such ‘shining stars’ in this world.  Maybe we should admire the single mom who gets up an hour early to pack her children their lunches before heading off to work.  How about the dad who works two or three jobs just barely making ends meet?   Perhaps we should admire the teacher who chooses to teach in the inner city instead of the comfy rural school?  Or the hospice worker who ministers caring and love to the suffering?  Let’s go a little further…..the mother who made it until three o’clock until she took that drink and then quietly cries herself to sleep, or the father who stood on the bridge and then walked home vowing that tomorrow he would go to rehab.

We walk, we stumble, we fall….to deny that is to deny living, truly living.  At the end of the day we look upward (not down) and we say ‘I will try again tomorrow’.