11 thoughts on “Admiration”

  1. Andie, this one so spoke to me as a writer. There are all types of plateaus and valleys in the craft, and I’d say that quote really spoke to my feelings at day’s end yesterday. And here I am, today, back at the keyboard. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Joanne, I can see how this one resonated with you. From the little I know about you from your blogs, I am happy that you are at the keyboard. You have a unique gift of ‘seeing’ things…and I’m sure that your readers recognize that. I have to check out your writings!

  3. Hi Andie,

    I also think that as we get older if our faith matures we realise that very often it is those who have been broken who are the ones that really do have a more mature faith than the ones that are never tested.

    Concept of wounded healer etc, we shall be known by our scars not our medals … that kind of thing is in my mind.


  4. Fran – thank you. So glad you stopped by, it’s all about getting up again.

    Lori- there are so many heroes that we don’t see – thank God that he does.

    Susan – They are so easily forgotten and yet they go on.

    Phil – I agree. The broken ones are so real and can offer us so much wisdom, love and compassion. The wounded helping the wounded – that’s what it’s all about.

  5. Thank you Phil. I wish that I could show it to many of the teenagers that I work with. Much of what we see with them is so external – I wonder how many could look into that mirror and love what is within.

  6. Thank you for the quote by Mary Anne Racmacher.
    lately it seems that I have been ending my day with this prayer and promise “I will try again tomorrow”.

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